Why Metamorphous exists – How it helps professionals & employers

Metamorphous exists to give people the resources they need to get a rewarding, highly-paid career in tech.

How Metamorphous helps

You'll find plenty of free resources designed to help you prepare for a career in tech.

Guided learning paths are mini-courses that lead you through the career change process and answer important questions, like "which tech job is right for me?"

And my free deep dive guides help you build up a solid foundation of tech and industry knowledge so you can perform to your full potential in your future tech role.

The upcoming Metamorphous talent platform will connect career-changers directly with leading startups and tech companies, avoiding the need to deal with 3rd party recruiters. And since our candidate profiles are anonymous by default,  you can start matching with companies safe in the knowledge that your career-change intentions remain private.

Good luck with your career change!

David Turnbull 

Founder, Metamorphous

You can work in tech.
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