Why Metamorphous exists – How it helps consultants & employers

There are many hardworking management consultants with valuable skills and experience that are interested in moving to tech, but haven't made the leap. At the same time, there are tech companies that are struggling to find the talent these people possess. 

Metamorphous exists to help these consultants find a great first tech job by connecting them with the companies that need them.

How Metamorphous helps

The Metamorphous talent platform will connect consultants directly with leading startups and tech companies, avoiding the need to deal with 3rd party recruiters. And since our candidate profiles are anonymous by default,  you can start matching with companies safe in the knowledge that your career-change intentions remain private.

We also have plenty of free resources to help consultants prepare for their new tech career. Our guided learning paths lead consultants through the career change process and answer important questions, like "which tech job is right for me?" And our free tutorials help them build up a solid foundation of tech knowledge to make sure they can perform to their full potential once they’re ready to make the move.

If you’re an consultant that has been dreaming of working in tech, don’t waste another day. Sign up for your free account now.

David Turnbull 

Founder, Metamorphous

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