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Build a strong foundation of tech knowledge so you can thrive in your new career.

SEO Explained: What everyone in tech should know

Search traffic can make or break businesses, so why do some sites sit at the top of Google's search results while others struggle?

Journey through Jargon: Tech Buzzwords Explained

Take a tour through the key concepts behind popular tech jargon and buzzwords.

A tour through a B2B SaaS web application

Take a tour through the analytics tool Amplitude as you learn how B2B SaaS applications and their marketing sites are structured.

A deep dive into working in tech marketing

Learn about the role of marketing in tech companies, the jobs that are available, and decide whether you are interested in continuing along a tech marketing career path.

Technology 101: The Internet

Learn about the origins of the internet and world wide web, web browsers, search engines, Web 1/2/3, HTML, CSS and much more.

Technology 101: Software

Learn about the basics of software, including the different types of software, operating systems, web and mobile applications, programming, algorithms, machine learning, databases and more.

Where should you work? From pre-seed startups to post-IPO

Where you work will have a big impact on your job satisfaction and finances. Learn about the differences between options, and how to make an informed decision.

Technology 101: Hardware

Learn about the hardware components and devices that power the tech industry, including processors, memory, servers, networks and more.

Popular job roles found in tech companies & startups

Lean about the technical and non-technical roles commonly found in tech companies and startups.

The easy guide to startups, technology companies & venture capital

We take a look into tech companies and startups, including products they make, revenue models, venture capital funding and more.

How to choose the right tech career

Unsure which tech career is right for you? Learn what you can do to ensure you make the right choice.

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Take a few minutes to learn about Metamorphous and how you can get the most out of the learning platform.

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