Welcome to Metamorphous

January 18, 2023
David Turnbull

I’m going to take a few minutes to go over how Metamorphous works. The site is divided into a few key sections, including guides, paths and the blog.


Each in-depth guide is designed to help you learn about a useful topic for your new tech career. One example is our guide to tech jargon that helps you understand the many buzzwords you'll hear while working in the tech industry.

Some guides also contain videos. You can choose whether you’d rather watch the video or read the text as the core content is the same.


Your time is valuable, so it doesn’t make sense to simply jump between random topics – you should follow a Path. Each path contains a customized set of guides that you can work through at your own pace. Our Paths are designed around specific topics, like teaching you the fundamentals of technology or how to move from a career in management consulting to tech.

Next Steps

That’s the end of our introduction. Our first career-specific path helps management and strategy consultants move to tech. Similar paths will be available for people in finance, law and operations in the coming months. If you need help deciding which tech career is the best match for your skills and experience, then make sure to check out our "How to choose the perfect tech career" path. Otherwise, feel free to head over to the guides section and browse the available topics.

David Turnbull
Founder of Metamorphous
Since changing careers to tech in my late 20s I've worked in B2B SaaS growth and was a partner at an ecommerce company that was ultimately acquired.

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