Management Consulting to Tech

  • Foundation – Learn the basics

    How to move from management consulting to tech Path Exclusive
    • 16 Lessons
  • Focus – Take a deeper dive

    The best roles in tech for consultants Path Exclusive
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  • Prepare – Get ready for your new career

    How consultants can prepare for a career in tech Path Exclusive
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Do you work as a strategy or management consultant but dream of making the move to tech? We can help! This free course has been specifically designed to help consultants learn how they can break into the tech industry.

Can consultants work in tech? 
Absolutely. Tech is one of the best exit opportunities for management consultants. The skills and experience you’ve gained during your time in consulting can translate directly into rewarding, and highly paid tech jobs. There are startups and tech companies looking to hire people just like you. 

What you’ll learn:
As you work your way through the path we’ll explore:
  • The 4 step process of moving from consulting to tech
  • Why your future tech role won’t require you to learn to code or decrease your salary
  • The best roles available for consultants in tech, and how to choose the right one for you
  • What you can expect to achieve in terms of salary, job type, seniority, work location etc
  • What you need to start doing now to make sure the career change process goes smoothly
  • The tech-related topics you’ll need to study up on to thrive in your new career 
  • How to get an amazing first tech job
  • And more.

Who is this path for?
This course is designed for people with professional experience in strategy and management consulting that are interested in leveraging their skills and experience to move to tech.

Getting started
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This path is currently a work in progress. More modules and lessons will be added in the coming weeks.

Path Overview

  • 3 Topics
  • 16 Lessons

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You can turn your professional experience into a rewarding tech career. We'll show you how.