Architecting your firm’s growth

David Turnbull
August 25, 2023

After putting our children to sleep last Sunday night, my wife and I settled down to watch an episode of "Grand Designs". If you haven't seen the show, it showcases the journey of people as they attempt to build unique homes. They start with a bold vision, and though there are usually bumps along the way, the end result is always incredible.

While I was watching the show, I began to see connections between the process of building a dream home and a boutique professional services firm.

The people featured in "Grand Designs" aren't content with an ordinary house. They have a “grand” vision and want to make it a reality. Buying an existing house would be simpler, but they are prepared to opt for the more ambitious route.

Similarly, when you decide to start your own business, you’re rejecting the "normal path" of working a regular job. You have greater aspirations, and you're ready to put in the work to realise them.

An architect for your build

Of course, you can’t construct a home on an idea – it requires a detailed design and plan from an architect. They take the dream and turn it into blueprints that can be built.

When it’s time to craft a marketing system for your firm, the analogy of an architect feels apt. A marketing strategist – the "architect" of your business growth – translates your goals into actionable plans. They ensure you have the necessary systems, strategies, and processes that will lay the foundation for future growth.

The right team for construction

But just as you wouldn't expect an architect to build a house, your marketing strategist shouldn't be responsible for executing every element of your growth plan. That's where the other specialists come in – the "contractors”, “electricians” and “plumbers" of your firm’s marketing build.

From content creators to website designers, these specialists play a crucial role in the successful creation of your growth system. They're the skilled professionals who translate the strategist’s plans into reality.

Realising a vision

At the end of each episode of "Grand Designs", we get to see the homeowner’s dream turned into reality. The finished home stands as a testament to bold ideas, planning, perseverance, and teamwork.

Growing a business follows the same path. It's not always an easy road, but with the right vision, architect, and construction team, you can build something that’s uniquely yours – something grand.

David Turnbull
David is the Founder of Metamorphous, and a strategic growth advisor to boutique professional services firms.

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