Diagnose before you prescribe

David Turnbull
August 3, 2023

A few weeks ago, my car began making a concerning grinding sound when I shifted into reverse.

I assumed there was an issue with the gearbox, so I took it in to get checked. The mechanic agreed that the gearbox could be the culprit, but he wanted to make certain before disassembling it.

He called me the following day with good news – he'd discovered a minor issue with the clutch, saving me from the expense of a complete gearbox overhaul.

The mechanic followed a process – he insisted on diagnosing the problem before prescribing a solution. And this systematic approach saved us both from wasting time and money.

By now you’re probably asking: “How is this story relevant?” 

Because the mechanic's methodology is directly applicable to your B2B firm's marketing – the “solution” isn't always as obvious as it may seem.

Your firm may share a similar challenge with a personal injury law firm – you both want to attract more clients. But as a highly specialised B2B firm, your ideal solution will likely be quite different.

If you approach an SEO agency saying “I need more clients”, there’s a good chance that they’ll pitch SEO as the solution. And they’re not exactly wrong – SEO is the primary acquisition strategy for many service businesses. But that doesn't mean it's the right one for you.

This isn't a knock on specialised agencies. When you know you need help with a specific area then getting access to a team of experts can be a great asset. But you need to know.

And this is why the process is essential. 

If you're enlisting external help, make sure they understand your firms' unique marketing needs before they suggest solutions. 

Make sure they follow the process, and diagnose before they prescribe.

David Turnbull
David is the Founder of Metamorphous, and a strategic growth advisor to boutique professional services firms.

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