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January 14, 2022
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David Turnbull

i want to help more people get a career in tech.

The last decade has seen an explosion of growth in the technology and startup worlds. The likes of Instagram, DoorDash and Shopify have scaled to tens of millions of users within a few short years. The ability of companies to raise external capital to fund their growth has never been easier, resulting in more than 340 startups becoming unicorns (a valuation of more than $1B) in 2021 alone.

This explosive growth has dramatically increased the demand for people who can work across all roles within the tech industry. While the media is often focused on how tough it is to hire software engineers, companies are also struggling to fill roles across other departments like marketing, business development, support and operations. 

But for people who are interested in changing careers the process can seem daunting, resulting in many common questions: 

  • What roles are available to people with no previous industry experience?
  • Do I have to know how to code? 
  • Do I need to go back to college or university for further education?
  • How much can I earn? 
  • What is the day-to-day work like?

If you’re looking to work in tech and find yourself asking similar questions then Metamorphous is here to help.

How Metamorphous works

Our free courses will teach you about the many technical and non-technical roles available within tech companies, and show you how to choose a career that best fits your unique skills and experience. 

After selecting a career path, you’ll start building a solid foundation of knowledge across key areas relating to your chosen career, and technology and startups in general, so you can understand how the industry operates and feel comfortable being part of it.

If your chosen career path is suited to specialized education then we will teach you about topics like how to find the right boot camp or training provider, the different payment options available (like loans and ISAs), choosing between online and remote learning, and how you can increase the odds of success in your application to a program.

When it comes to finding your first tech job we’ll make sure you’re prepared with topics on how to make yourself appealing to recruiters, building a network, side projects you should work on, preparing for interviews and negotiating a job offer. 

And when you’ve successfully accepted your first tech job offer (congratulations!) we’ll make sure you hit the ground running with guides on topics like how to successfully complete your first week on the job, how to effectively use tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams, and how to progress further in your career journey.

Launching soon

We’re currently hard at work on the learning platform and content, but we will be opening up for initial private testing soon.

To find out when we’re ready to go live, sign up on our homepage.

David Turnbull
Founder of Metamorphous
Since changing careers to tech in my late 20s I've worked in B2B SaaS growth and was a partner at an ecommerce company that was ultimately acquired.

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