The 4-step process from management consulting to tech

November 1, 2022
Working in Tech
David Turnbull

You want more fulfilment from your work. You’re tired of staying up late working on Powerpoint decks. You want to be part of a team building products, rather than servicing external clients. 

If you’re a management consultant there’s a good chance that some of these feelings resonate with you. And you certainly aren’t alone. 

Thankfully, there are some great exit opportunities that exist. You can take the skills and experience you’ve gained in consulting and turn them into a rewarding, highly-paid career in tech.

Which leads us to the natural followup question: How does one change careers from management consulting to tech

The path from management consulting to tech 

You can break the career change process into four stages:

1. Choosing your future tech role

The career change process is a journey, and like any journey, you'll reach the destination faster if you can follow a path. If you only know that “I want to work in tech” then you'll have many questions – what do you need to learn? What kind of companies will hire you? Will you make more or less than in consulting? The lack of direction will make it tough to find answers.

Compare this to someone who says “I'm going to work in a corporate strategy team at a mid-sized SaaS company”. Not only can they answer the questions above, they can plot out a series of clear steps that will take them from their current consulting role, right through to day one in a CorpStrat team. This is why it’s so important to decide on your future tech role early in the career change process.

To decide effectively you’ll need to learn about the best roles in tech for consultants, and where these roles fit within early-stage startups and more established tech companies. Once you've acquired this base-level of knowledge you can confidently choose a role that matches your unique combination of skills, experience, and career goals.

2. Preparing yourself for your new career

After deciding on your future role it’s time to start preparing for your new career. You probably won’t be aiming to work in a technical function like software development (and don’t worry, our free management consulting to tech course explains why), but I still recommend that you build a solid foundation of tech knowledge if you’re planning to work in the industry.

You’ll want to understand topics like how tech companies are funded and grow, how tech products are bought to market, how software is made and so on. You’ll also want to get up-to-speed on tech industry buzzwords and jargon so you feel confident contributing in your future role.

This preparation stage is also the perfect time to start improving your odds of getting hired when the time comes. You can start to build your network in the tech industry, working on side-projects to show to future employers – there are plenty of options that can help you stand out from the crowd.

3. Finding the right tech job

The goal of the third stage is to find a great job. You’ll need to seek out the best positions available in the market, go through the interview process and negotiate the terms of employment.

If you're going to do the work required to change careers then you want make sure you end up in a better situation than you are in now, otherwise what’s the point of it all? So don't simply look for the first job you can get. You want to find a position that matches the life and career goals that you’ve set for yourself. This goes beyond the job description, to include factors like work/life balance, the type of company, and whether a role is in-person or remote.

4. Ensuring success from day one

Signing your first tech employment contract is an exciting step, but it’s not the end of the process. You want to thrive in your new role from day one, so you’ll need to make sure that you are prepared for the realities of the job. This includes how your new team operates, the frameworks and systems they follow, the software applications they use and so on. Thankfully, you can learn most of this information before you start in your new position. 

How Metamorphous can help with your career transition

My goal is to help you with all four stages of this journey. Our free From Management Consulting to Tech learning path will lead you through the career change process, and our guides will help you build up important tech industry knowledge. 

David Turnbull
Founder of Metamorphous
Since changing careers to tech in my late 20s I've worked in B2B SaaS growth and was a partner at an ecommerce company that was ultimately acquired.

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